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    Caterpillar Publications

    View publications from our company, Cat??products and our family of brands.?

    Company Publications

    Annual Report

    The Annual Report?summarizes activities, finances and progress against goals.

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    Sustainability Report

    The Sustainability Report?highlights our?performance on economic, environmental and social topics.?

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    The Caterpillar Podcast

    The Caterpillar Podcast gives you the dirt on the company, the people and of course the yellow iron.?

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    Cat? Publications

    Cat E-newsletter

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    Viewpoint Magazine

    “Viewpoint: Perspectives on Modern Mining” is an online and email publication that showcases how surface and underground mining operations around the world are addressing their challenges by following best practices, leveraging innovative products and technologies, and partnering with Caterpillar and Cat dealers.

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    More Brand Publications


    Powernews?brings you news and stories about Perkins products, facilities and?industry topics,?along with news, features and information about the customers we work within the industry,?construction, agriculture, power generation and all the other sectors of our business.

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    Perkins Connections India

    Connections focuses on news of the Perkins brand, product offerings, information from the distribution network and the latest reports from the new 4000 Series manufacturing facility at Aurangabad.?

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    Perkins Monthly Newsletter

    Sign up for Perkins monthly newsletter.

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    News & Features

    Read stories about our company and how our solutions help our customers build a better world.

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    Learn how customers all over the world are using Cat? Products to do great things.

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